Free Fertility Support

Are you wading through a fertility journey?

Are you struggling with stress and anxiety?

Are you feeling disconnected from your own life, body and relationships?

If you are, then you are not alone. However accessing good quality and free support can feel difficult.

free fertility support

My name is Dr Marie Prince and I am The Fertility Psychologist. It is part of my mission to ensure that everyone on a fertility journey gets really good quality support to manage their well-being and mental health.

The reality is that for some people, a fertility journey ends up being a real financial burden. Therefore I want to show you all of my FREE fertility supports that will help you boost your mood, express your emotions and process your fertility experiences. This is essential to prevent the development of physical mental health problems in the future. And the best thing is that you can learn these skills for ZERO COST.

Essential Fertility Toolkit

The first place to start to access free fertility support is my Essential Fertility Toolkit. This is full of tips and techniques to help you manage the emotional toll of preparing for parenthood. It will guide you towards creating a science backed, personalised toolkit just for you! Download it here and then check your junk folder, because that is where it may end up.

free fertility support

If you would like some more hands on FREE fertility support, then join my private Facebook community here. In here you will find a small group of people managing the same journey of you. You will also have live sessions with me each month in our Reflect & Connect sessions. If you join the Facebook group you will be able to view recordings of past events including topics such as self compassion and breath work.

In addition you will always find a new blog on my website as well as regular content on Instagram & my Facebook page. My focus is always on reliable strategies that will boost your resilience & mood, reduce anxiety and help you live your life as you navigate your fertility journey.

Read & Watch

I have been lucky to collaborate with some great partners including TFP Fertility UK, The Ribbon Box and IVF Babble. These pieces of work are also sources of free fertility support, go take a look:

Read: Coping with Mother’s Day

Read: The IVF Roller coaster: managing emotional changes

Watch: Managing after Loss with The Ribbon Box

Read: Fertility Treatment & Mental Health with The Ribbon Box

Watch: Coping with Christmas with the Ribbon Box

Watch: Managing the emotional strain of IVF

Documentary: Celebrity Health Stories: Nicola Adams

free fertility support

Working with me

You will always find free fertility support on my social media profiles, website and the links above.

I also hold clinics with TFP Fertility UK’s clinics in Glasgow & Oxford.

For private therapy, coaching or EMDR sessions on your fertility journey contact me on to discuss your needs.

Single sessions cost £125

Block booking of 6 sessions £660

Block booking of 12 sessions £1200

Twice a year I run my four month group therapy program ‘Fertility Freedom’, a deep dive into nurturing your well being and mental health on your fertility journey. You get to work with me and the team to make real changes to benefit your health and well being on your fertility journey. £900-£1200 (package dependent).

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