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A space where considerations and conversations surrounding the potential impacts of fertility treatments

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Based on 10 reviews
Emily Buchanan
Emily Buchanan
Marie is an absolute gem of a therapist! I’m so glad to have found her! Highly recommend.
Danni Fraylich
Danni Fraylich
Marie was wonderful. She was kind, supportive and made me feel immediately at ease. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Hannah Mulholland
Hannah Mulholland
My husband and I had many sessions with Marie following the sad loss of our baby and whilst continuing to go through IVF treatment. Her support was invaluable and I honestly don't think we could have gone through everything we have without her. I've had sessions with other counsellors in the past and always dreaded each one. This was never the case with Marie. I always looked forward to each session as she made you feel so comfortable and at ease, almost like speaking to a friend rather than a professional. I would highly recommend her for anyone going through IVF treatment.
Lynda Jack (Loopy Lou)
Lynda Jack (Loopy Lou)
I met Marie during my fertility treatment and she was an amazing support, helping to navigate the emotions of the process. I didn't realise then that Marie would go on to revolutionise my life via EMDR to deal with numurous childhood trauma events (that i hadn't realised were a "trauma"), which actually were the reasons behind why I had anxiety, lacked confidence, didn't believe in myself and dealt with stressful situations in a certain way. This therapy has given me the tools to live my adult life to the fullest. I highly recommend Marie and Prince Therapy to anyone. You may not realise why you react to situations in the way you do, why you have anxiety, why you "feel stuck", but a simple conversation may be the key to opening the door to a new way of life.
Fiona Morrison
Fiona Morrison
I have had quite a few sessions with Marie as part of our IVF journey and have found the sessions very beneficial. I hadn't had any counselling before and wasn't sure what to expect but she has helped to give me clarity at times and to be able to work out what it important to me and the best way for me to deal with the varying situations we have been through while doing IVF. Marie is very very easy to talk to and she has such a down to earth manner which puts you at ease straight away. It has been very helpful to speak with her separately and with my partner and I would recommend Prince Therapy.
Russell G
Russell G
Marie helped us invaluably following the loss of our baby in 2021 and with giving us both the strength we needed to continue on with IVF treatment following this. Marie is genuine, warm and personable, making the therapy very relaxed and effective - we looked forward to every session! My wife and I certainly came out the other side feeling much better than when we started.
Danielle Gordon
Danielle Gordon
Marie supported me through fertility treatment, loss, pregnancy and more. Her affirming, empathetic methods and ability to make me feel better after every call is quite something. Feel very indebted to her.
Chris Day
Chris Day
Fantastic Therapist-Nothing is ever to much for Marie to help with!



Implications counselling, facilitated by Dr. Marie Prince, is a specialized form of support designed to navigate the multifaceted aspects of fertility decisions. This tailored counselling approach addresses the potential impacts and considerations associated with fertility treatments, providing individuals and couples with a dedicated space to explore, discuss, and understand the broader implications of their choices.

How Implications Counselling Can Assist You:

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Gain insights and information to make well-informed decisions regarding fertility treatments, considering not only the medical aspects but also the emotional, social, and ethical dimensions.

Receive guidance on coping with the emotional complexities that may arise during and after fertility treatments. Implications counselling offers a supportive environment to process and navigate the emotional aspects of the journey.

Enhance communication within relationships by addressing potential challenges and facilitating open, constructive conversations. Implications counselling assists couples in understanding and navigating the impact of fertility decisions on their partnership.

Dr. Marie Prince employs a holistic approach, considering not just the medical implications but also the broader well-being of individuals and couples. This comprehensive perspective ensures a thorough exploration of the potential consequences and benefits of fertility treatments.

Work collaboratively with Dr. Marie Prince to create a roadmap for the future. Implications counselling helps individuals and couples plan for various scenarios, fostering a sense of preparedness and empowerment.

implications coinseeling

Join us on this insightful journey of implications counselling, where Dr. Marie Prince provides the guidance and support needed to navigate the complex landscape of fertility decisions with sensitivity and expertise.

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Choosing Dr. Marie Prince for implications counselling ensures a personalized and supportive journey through the complexities of fertility decisions. Here are compelling reasons to work with Dr. Marie

As a seasoned Consultant Clinical Psychologist specializing in fertility psychology, Dr. Marie Prince brings a unique understanding of the emotional nuances intertwined with fertility decisions. Her expertise ensures a comprehensive exploration of both the psychological and practical aspects.

Dr. Marie Prince recognizes the individuality of each fertility journey. Her approach is deeply personalized, offering tailored support that addresses your specific concerns, values, and goals.

Beyond medical considerations, Dr. Marie Prince adopts a holistic perspective. Implications counselling with Marie encompasses emotional, social, and ethical dimensions, providing a well-rounded understanding of the potential impacts of fertility decisions.

Working with Dr. Marie ensures a safe and confidential space for open discussions. Her empathetic approach creates an environment where individuals and couples feel comfortable exploring the emotional and practical implications of fertility treatments.

Dr. Marie Prince guides couples in navigating communication challenges. Her expertise fosters constructive conversations, helping partners understand and support each other through the decision-making process.

Dr. Marie empowers you with knowledge, ensuring that you make informed decisions about fertility treatments. Her insights provide clarity on potential outcomes, enabling you to navigate the journey with confidence.


Questions about Implications Counselling

Curious about how implications counselling can illuminate the path to informed decision-making and emotional well-being? Delve into these frequently asked questions to gain insights into what implications counselling entails and how it could benefit you:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Implications counselling with Dr. Marie Prince involves exploring the potential impacts and considerations associated with fertility decisions. This includes discussions on emotional, social, and ethical dimensions to provide a comprehensive understanding.

No, implications counselling is beneficial for anyone considering or undergoing fertility treatments. Dr. Marie Prince provides support for individuals and couples at various stages of their fertility journey.

Dr. Marie Prince’s expertise extends to guiding couples in navigating communication challenges. Implications counselling fosters open and constructive conversations, enhancing understanding and support between partners.

Yes, confidentiality is a priority in implications counselling. Dr. Marie Prince ensures a safe and private space for open discussions, emphasizing trust and confidentiality.

Implication’s Counselling £110 (book via calendly)

Implications counselling